Concussion Insurance: Yes, It Really Exists

Posted by Justin Vandewynkle
Justin Vandewynkle

Headstrong Marketing 2019-20

It seems like almost every week there is a new headline in mainstream media relating to concussions. Injury statistics, cost of treatment, lawsuits, and side effects of concussions all get intense coverage and scrutiny.  Most of the time, however, the information you see or hear regarding concussions is based on professional athletes or those competing on the NCAA level.  But what about our younger athletes that compete at the middle school or high school levels? How many more concussions are sustained by these younger student athletes compared to professional or NCAA athletes?     Is there a way to really find out?  And is it possible for middle and high school athletes to obtain concussion insurance like athletes that continue their careers at the NCAA or professional levels?  The answer to that question is a simple, YES it is!


Now that we have comprehensive information regarding the long-term effects of concussion injuries, it is more important than ever to  protect our young athletes from traumatic brain injuries and the side effects resulting from sports-related accidents. Imagine your son or daughter playing a sport/activity in high school.  They have an accident and sustain a potential concussion.  Your son or daughter then has to be taken by ambulance to a local medical provider for concussion testing and treatment.  The medical facility conducts a neurological examination and then orders a CT scan or MRI to be performed. The results show that your son or daughter has sustained a concussion.  Now what?  Will your primary insurance cover these costs?  Do you have a high deductible primary insurance plan?  How are you going to handle the bills for this expensive medical treatment?  And does the worry of these unknown costs prevent you from seeking medical evaluation when a minor injury occurs.


Concussion insurance is a real product that is easy to obtain, and does more than just protect student-athletes from concussion-related side effects.  It also has the ability to protect the parents from the high cost of concussion testing, treatment and procedures. Headstrong is a unique concussion-specific insurance program developed by Dissinger Reed, to protect young student-athletes and their families from unexpected concussion care costs, and to make sure every student- athlete receive the treatment he/she deserves.  HeadStrong is a zero dollar deductible, zero dollar copay excess medical program that provides $25,000 of concussion coverage to student-athletes and their parents. 


Interested in obtaining concussion insurance for your high school state association or district?  Please reach out to Dissinger Reed for more information.  We would welcome the opportunity to share how the HeadStrong concussion program has worked in 12 states while assisting more than 650,000 young athletes across the country!

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